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4 Steps to Finding a Reliable CBD Brand


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Finding a reliable CBD brand is becomingcomplex, thanks to various products. Today, you can easily find CBD products in health shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, and cafés. No matter the type of hemp-derived product you want, you’ll find something fancy for your usage.

But with several CBD products on the market, how can you find a trustworthy brand like Moon Mother Hemp? Fortunately, there are key things to help you point out a top-quality brand. Follow these tell-tale signs.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

Although you aim to find a reliable brand, you may need to consider some warning signs to save you from scammers. Here are the signs:

False medicinal claims

CBD brands cannot make false medicinal claims about CBD and any of their products. While research about cannabidiol has heightened with anecdotal reports showing promising results, any brand making medicinal claims should not be trusted. The misleading information can cause adverse side effects for those who might not know the right way or dosage to use.

Some patients might use the medicinal claims to drop off their prescribed medications to use CBD, which is not fully proven to treat some symptoms. If a distributor claims their CBD product can cure your arthritis, avoid it at all costs.

First Impression

First impression holds true in every aspect of our lives, even when choosing brands. Something as simple as packaging design, customer service, and professionalism mattersgreatly. Low-quality packaging can be a major red flag. Reliable brands ensure their packaging looks attractive and offer helpful and accurate product information.

Regarding packaging, reputable brands pack CBD in amber or dark-colored glass bottles. This is because UV rays can break down CBD compounds, and darker bottles provide protection. Avoid products that come packed in plastic bottles, which can lead to contamination of CBD oil.

No endorsements

A-list celebrities would like to be associated with remarkable brands in the market. A quick internet search can help sieve honest and fraudulent celebrity endorsements.

So, if the brand you’re looking for passes the above tests, it means they’re trustworthy.

What to Look for in a Reliable CBD Brand

After learning about the red flags, it’s time we dive into signs of a reputable brand. A good brand is akin to the following:

1.      Certificates of Analysis

A certificate of analysis (COA) is a report from an accredited and certified lab. The CBD product’s chemical analysis confirms that the manufacturer’s report about the product is true. Every batch of CBD is tested individually, and a third-party laboratory does all certificates. Many states require CBD and cannabis product labels to have a custom QR code linking to the COA.

You can get critical information from COA by reading:

  • Concentration: CBD concentration is measured in mg/g. It’s fairly easy, especially for CBD oils, as you can measure to ensure you get what you pay for. Buying a product weighing 100g with 500mg of CBD means the concentration is 5mg of CBD/g.
  • Pesticide analysis: Insects are also big fans of hemp-based products. That’s why COA has pesticide analysis. The results in this column contain names of tested pesticides, acceptable level limits, detection level, and whether the results are satisfactory (pass or not).
  • Types of Cannabinoids:This segment enlists the type of cannabinoid- full-spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum. The section also indicates THC levels, which should not exceed 0.3%.
  • Weight percentage: The section enlists the weight percentage of each cannabinoid.
  • Heavy metal analysis: Heavy metals are harmful to our health. That’s why reliable manufacturers test for heavy metals as part of the COA. The heavy metal column indicates the concentration level, and ingestion column. The tested heavy metal concentration should be way below the ingestion limits.

As a savvy consumer, you should see the COA for the CBD product before you buy. You can access the certificate of analysis from the QR code on the product packaging or the brand’s website. In an industry that’s quite saturated, not every manufactures offer quality products. COA is evidence of quality that enhances customer confidence.

2.      Resources and Education

The influx of CBD products on the market makes the products easily accessible. This can also mean that the products can be misused, especiallybecause they lack FDA regulation. Luckily, the most trusted brands offer high-quality information about the popular cannabinoid. This informs consumers about different CBD types, dosing guidelines, safety, and effects.

Some brands go the extra mile to give consumersthe resources they need to stay updated. References from authoritative sources, such as research papers and federal agencies, should back up claims given by brands. Manufacturers can also provide video tutorials regarding the usage of CBD products.

3.      Online Reviews Are Crucial

In today’s digital world, online reviews are integral to any business. About 80% of online buyers place much weight on reviews, the same they do with recommendation or word-of-mouth. Reviews should then give a hint if a brand is reliable or not.

However, unscrupulous brands hire fake reviewers for fake reviews. That’s why you should rely on third-party review sites.

4.      Extraction method

When CBD is extracted, the end goal is harvesting the product in a concentrated form. CO2 extraction is considered the most popular method, though expensive. Using CO2 provides a clean extraction that stems far beyond cannabis products. The method ensures a safe extract that’s free from additives or residues. Ensure you avoid hemp-derived products with chemicals like hexane, propane, or butane.

Wrapping Up

Many CBD brands are on the market, and not all are reliable. But with careful research and attention to detail, you can enjoy top-quality products from a brand that adheres to quality and consistency.

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