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We’ve developed high levels of skills, technology and resources with a considerable working knowledge of all our customers’ industries. The aim is to provide an outstanding service that is tailored to your particular requirements, working in-sync with your business.


We’re serious about keeping the promises we make, instilling a strong ‘customer service’ ethos into every Washmates person’s role, whether in the laundry, out on the road or at Washmates HQ.


Our Washmates way of doing things has proved indispensable to national customers who require intelligently run, innovative laundry solutions across a number of sites. We take care of everything so the laundry aspect of your organisation never becomes a headache.


Washmates. It’s quite a name to live up to, but who doesn’t want to be Washmates at their job?!


WashMates Reporting

A critical part of our service is to provide customers with easy access to dynamic information via our online Data Management System (DMS). Customers subscribe to a chosen menu of reports (covering items such as turnover, volumes and shorts) which they access via a secure login on our website.


By empowering customers with ‘live’ information, they can monitor and modify all relevant aspects of the service, maximising the benefits our laundry rental services.


We constantly monitor and upgrade our systems, empowering customers with essential management information that allows them to run this aspect of their business cost effectively.


Account Management


Account Management

A key element of our service is the comprehensive account management we give our customers. Locally at each laundry, Account Managers deal with day to day site-specific matters, while centrally at Washmates HQ our team oversee the ‘bigger picture’, carefully monitoring and managing the complexities of multi-site national accounts.


Our aim is simple: we seek to take the pressure off any laundry-related issues for our customers.


Customer Surveys


Customer Surveys

We conduct regular surveys with customers, monitoring all aspects of the service. This allows us to identify and address any issues before they in any way jeopardise the excellent working relationships we enjoy.


We work with each customer, identifying specific indicators to give an accurate, ongoing ‘heartbeat’ of our working relationship

and service performance.


Informed People


Informed People

We know laundry, we’re passionate about genuine customer service, and we’re determined to be innovative and forward thinking about providing laundry services to organisations across the US.


We believe people are at the centre of everything we do. Which is why we invest in our people, giving them the skills and knowledge to succeed in their role and aspire to be the best they can be. We have what we call ‘the Washmates way of doing things’, which helps to ensure we all understand what it takes to be a Washmates person, offering a Washmates laundry service.…