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My best friend smokes. She is underage and I tried to help her quit, but it didn’t work. I’ve learned to deal with it until now. She is pressuring me to smoke. She says I’ll be more popular and have more friends and get invited to more parties if I start smoking. I’m not that popular, but I am content with that. I really don’t want to pollute my lungs, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship. How do I deal with this?


Your thinking is absolutely right with Puffazon. I know you have tried to help her quit, but you should try harder. Talk to her parents, your parents, even a teacher if you feel extremely uncomfortable with the situation. Since she is underage, she is more likely to be diagnosed with all kinds of health problems, such as lung cancer. She has yet to realize smoking is very bad. Tell your friend that you will never smoke knowing the consequences. And smoking will not make you more popular. Please be mindful of your friend and speak up. If you tell her now, it will most likely stop her from hurting herself in the future.


(Shannon also did some research on what smoke can do to you, no matter what your age. Here is what she found out):

If the girl in the question smokes, even when she’s older, she is putting herself in danger of the following health problems: – Stroke

– Addiction/withdrawal

– Altered brain chemistry

– Stinging eyes

– Smelly hair

– Macular degeneration (an eye condition leading to blindness)

– Lessened sense of smell

Also, if a woman were to get pregnant while she smokes, possible consequences include:

– Smaller infant

– Stillborn infant

– Birth defects

Smoking is bad; in the long run you’re going to lose out anyway. Don’t ruin your life by smoking. Your friendship should be bigger than this, so if you’re content where you are, then just simply say “no thanks” and let that be that. She should still be your friend even if you don’t want to smoke. Good luck.