Bingo Mania to Award $4M IDN Slot This Month

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ANTIGUA, St. John’s — With the launch of Version 6.0, bingo players around the world just got a little luckier. With the addition of progressive jackpots, Bingo Mania is slated to award more than $4 Million Dollars to players during the month of September.


Each bingo game at Bingo Mania gives players a chance to win a large progressive jackpot, which increases each game until it is won. Twenty-five progressive jackpots have been awarded since August 23rd, paying out over $30,000 in progressive jackpots alone in the past four weeks. Our High Roller Progressive Jackpot currently stands at $10,132.03 and is still growing. In addition to the progressive jackpots, Bingo Mania continues to offer hourly $1,000 Coveralls and $5,000 and $10,000 Coveralls in their schedule of games.


Due to the frequency of large jackpot winners, Bingo Mania has firmly established a reputation among online bingo players as the best place to win large jackpots online, awarding more large jackpots than any other online bingo site. Last week alone, player Ang1110 won a $4,354.31 Progressive Jackpot and player Karlly won a $1,301.05 Coverall Jackpot.


Players have flocked to download Version 6.0, which includes a host of new features designed for player convenience. An improved game screen and automatic help ticket launching allows players to submit their questions and comments to Bingo Mania’s professional customer support team instantly. Dynamic game launching enables players to play Slots, Video Poker, and/or Lottery (Pull Tab) games without ever having to their Bingo game.


Version 6.0 also boasts the return of a IDN Slot Card Highlights feature, which allows players to easily monitor the bingo cards that are closest to winning. When activated, the Card Highlights feature will change the color of the bingo card as a player approaches a bingo win. Other new additions to Bingo Mania’s games are interactive pull-tabs and new video poker and slots machines.


Bingo Mania is a leading provider of online bingo and casino games, licensed and located in St. John’s, Antigua. With over five years experience serving bingo players worldwide, Bingo Mania awards more than $2 Million per month in bingo jackpots and game prizes.


Sports Betting International Launches New Website


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — With more than 10 years in the sports gaming business, Sports Betting International (SBI) has launched, , a new Web site where consumers can place online wagers on sporting events.


Consumers log on to to open an account and can wager on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing, tennis, golf, soccer NASCAR, boxing and hockey from any location in the world. There are several betting options and event odds and scores are posted on the site.


Consumers can pay in a variety of ways and will process all wagers and credit the winnings back to client accounts moments after each sporting event concludes.


“Sports Betting International has a huge client base that wanted to place their wagers and access their accounts online,” says Darryl Peterson, director of Development, . “We are up and running just in time for football season and we’re excited to open SBI to the general public.”


Within the year, SBI also plans to add an online casino to the site.