Best Tips for DIY Pedicure at Home – Explained by Top filler injector

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We are going to share some best tips for DIY pedicure at home. The pedicure treatment at home is considered to be the best, as you can do it with herbal products. You will need the following things for the homemade pedicure treatment. If you are looking forward to Top filler injector

Things Required For Pedicure

The following ingredients / things are required to conduct a pedicure treatment at home.

For DIY manicure, you need following things:

Nail polish remover

Cotton Swabs

Nail clipper

Small tub

Cuticle pusher

Orange stick


Olive oil

Nail polish

Method / Tips to do Pedicure Treatment at Home

On the first step, you need to remove old nail polish, and you can dip a cotton swab into nail polish remover and rub the surface of your nail, and your nail polish will be removed in seconds. This will not only remove the nail polish but also the dust over your nails, and your nails will become shining.

After removing nail polish, you should trim your nails to give them a beautiful and required shape.

At step 3, you should mix lemon juice and apple cider vinegar into the soak water and dip your feet for few minutes in the water. This soaking step will cleanse your feet and remove your dead skin from the heels. This step will work as the foot scrubber.

Now you should use an orange stick of cuticle pusher to cleanse your nails.

Now you should take a complete foot massage, and for this you should make a mixture of olive oil and sugar. This process will go on for 15 minutes, and after that you will have to rinse off properly.

Now at step 6, you should apply a good quality moisturizing lotion to your feet, which will work like a conditioner.

Now you are almost done. Apply your favorite nail polish at your feet nails and use a fine layer of topcoat.

The above mentioned process is the best method for DIY pedicure at home, which will give you beautiful feet.

Body Polish Treatment Tips with Herbal Solutions

Here we are going to share some best and homemade body polish treatment tips. These are the best herbal solutions for full body polishing and cleansing. After using these tips and herbal formulas for body polishing, you will get the desired results in short span of time.

Before starting body polish homemade herbal treatment, you should consider your body first. Whether dry or oily, you should use the herbal treatment for body polishing. It is very important for you to consider your body first, as there are several products available in the market for dry and oily skins. If you use a different product on your body, it may harm for your skin and leave side affect as well. So it is very important for you to use that product on your skin, which suits to your body and skin, and in this way you can reduce the skin care problems.

Before applying the body polish treatment on your skin, you should check the equipment. The equipment (bowls, sponge, and other things) should be hygiene, which could not leave a side affect or irritation on your body. So you should use the good and clean equipments, so that the germs couldn’t be transferred to your body.

Body polish at home is not a difficult way, as you can use yoghurt milk, jojoba oil, or oatmeal scrub while doing body polish at home. If you are doing skin polishing at home, you should use the spray treatment, which will give you the desired results in short span of time. But you should consider your spray first, whether it suits to your skin or not. If you don’t keep the above mentioned skin polishing tips in mind, you may get side affects on your skin. You can play some music at home and do the body polishing or body massage at home with the above mentioned ingredients, which are easily available in the market, and have no side affect on your skin.

You should apply some hot essential oils at your body and rub all over. When you are massaging well keep going on for 10 minutes, and pay attention to the difficult areas of your body like knees, neck and other double skin body parts. Then use a towel to clean your body, and use rose wood oil and spray after that. Then wrap a towel around your body for 20 to 40 minutes and sit in hot place or take sauna. After taking a hot bath apply yogurt or oatmeal all around your body and then wash your body after sometime. This treatment will cleanse your full body, and works like a best body polisher treatment at home.